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2024 plans exclusively for State of Arizona employees

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    We Take Care of You from Head to Toe

    Access to 6,000 behavioral health providers including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists at over 300 facilities. Treatment options that offer outpatient treatment centers, behavioral health hospitals and residential treatment centers.
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    Personalized Health App

    This is not your fitness app, it’s Sharecare, our comprehensive health improvement tool! Manage all your health information in a single place – including your care team, biometrics, medications, lab results, and more.
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    Your AZ Blue plan includes many other innovative tools and exclusive discounts on products and services that help you feel better, get healthier, and save money. Check them out!

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  • The Triple Choice Plan, was created by Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (AZ Blue) specifically for employees of the State of Arizona. This three-tier plan delivers three unique benefits:
    • Helps you easily find doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers that offer high-quality, cost-effective care
    • Gives you a wide choice of providers
    • Provides you with more control over your healthcare spending
  • This plan gives you the freedom to choose from any healthcare professional in the AZ Blue national network without a referral through a primary care provider (PCP). The plan offers you three different provider tiers to choose from. You will save the most money when you choose a Tier 1 provider.

    Tier1 In‑Network Providers Choose doctors and facilities from Tier 1 to get the highest level of benefits.
    Tier2 In-Network Providers You receive in-network benefits for using participating network care providers. For some services, you’ll pay a higher out-of-pocket cost with a Tier 2 provider than you would with a Tier 1 provider.
    Tier3 Out‑of‑Network Providers You will pay the highest cost for using out-of-network providers, and may be responsible for paying the full provider billed charges.

  • The Triple Choice Plan is made up of three tiers. If your provider is not in Tier 1, but is part of the AZ Blue national network (Tier 2), you will still enjoy in-network benefits. However, you will pay more out of pocket for certain services.

    If your provider is not in the AZ Blue national network (called an out-of-network provider), you will pay the highest out-of-pocket costs. In many cases, this will be the entire cost of the service or procedure.

    Remember, if your doctor is not in Tier 1, it doesn’t mean they provide a lower standard of care. All doctors who contract with the AZ Blue national network must meet our credentialing requirements.

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