With Blue You Get Advantages Beyond Your Plan

AZ Blue offers you innovative tools and exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services that help you feel better, get healthier, and save along the way. And they’re only available from Blue!

Member Perks

  • HingeHealth

    Hinge Health

    Get access to digital exercise therapy to reduce pain in your back, knees, feet and more with Hinge Health. Hinge Health is a benefit provided by the State of Arizona at no additional cost to you.
  • valerahealth

    We Take Care of You Head to Toe

    Access to 6,000 behavioral health providers including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists at over 300 facilities. Treatment options that offer outpatient treatment centers, behavioral health hospitals and residential treatment centers
  • sharecare-logo

    Sharecare, Personalized Health App

    Sharecare® is an app-based health and well-being solution that gives you the power to manage all your health information in one place—and discover your RealAge®.
  • blue-365-logo

    Get Help Getting Healthy

    With Blue365®, WondrTM, and others, you’ll get deals on gym memberships, expert weight advice, personal coaching, and other professional wellness services.
  • wondr

    Wondr™ Weight Loss Program

    Wondr is a skills-based digital weight loss program that helps you feel your best mentally and physically through simple, clinically-proven techniques and tools.
  • Care & Condition Management

    At no additional cost work directly with our care management team to manage your unique health conditions.