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Your plan includes no-cost health management programs from Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona.

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Condition Management

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with a long-term (chronic) health condition, you can work directly with a registered nurse through one of our Disease Management programs. Your nurse will help you set realistic health goals and stay on track to meet those goals.

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    Health Management

    Diagnosed with a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma or COPD? Health management provides 30 to 90 days of guided care and resources to help you learn tools to live healthier and manage your chronic condition.
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    An asthma attack can be a traumatic experience-causing ongoing fear, anxiety, and panic. Through our Asthma Condition Management Program, Your family, your doctors, and our nurses form a collaborative team focused on helping you or your child maintain normal activity levels and pulmonary function rates.
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    Your health plan offers extra support for chronic health conditions affecting the lungs and heart. Our nurse team will help you make the best choices for your care, get referrals to in-network specialists, understand your medications, schedule appointments, and find special equipment. like wheelchairs or walkers.
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    Transplant Assistance

    Our nurses can help connect you to transplant Blue Distinction® Centers. These specialty care centers are renowned for their excellence and expertise in assisting transplant patients.
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    Mental Health

    Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Get confidential help with daily stressors, anxiety and depression, substance use disorders, relationship and work issues, and more.

Care Management

Some diagnoses require even greater support. Our Care Management integrates with Health Management to provide greater access to care for those in need. You’ll get a care manager who will work with interdisciplinary teams to increase your continuity of care and improve your quality of life.
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Find special equipment like wheelchairs or walkers
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