Off Exchange Plan Documents 2022

Plans available through AZBlue or authorized brokers.

Plan Year:


AdvanceHealth, Cultivate, EverydayHealth, Individual PPO, and TrueHealth Plans
Portfolio Plans

Benefit Books

HMO Base Off Exchange
PPO Base Off Exchange
HMO January
PPO January
HMO AdvanceHealth Gold 4750
HMO AdvanceHealth Silver 8000
HMO AdvanceHealth Bronze 8700
HMO EverydayHealth Gold 2000
HMO EverydayHealth Silver 4750
HMO EverydayHealth Bronze 7500
HMO Portfolio HSA Bronze 7000
HMO TrueHealth Silver 6750
PPO Gold 1200
PPO Silver 3100

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

The Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) provides a concise description of what services your plan covers along with what you will pay for covered benefits.