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  • PPO

    This plan is for you if you
    • Want to choose from a large provider network
    • Want the ability to select from providers in and out of network
    • Are willing to pay more for more choice of providers
  • EverydayHealth HMO

    This plan is for you if you
    • Have children who visit the doctor frequently
    • Want predictable costs for doctor and specialist visits and prescription drugs
    • May take prescription medicine
  • AdvancedHealth HMO

    This plan is for you if you
    • Are in relatively good health
    • Visit the doctor only a few times a year
    • Want catastrophic care at a low monthly cost
  • Standardized (HMO or PPO)

    This plan is for you if you
    • Visit the doctor often
    • Need care for a chronic condition
    • Want predictable copays for doctor, specialist and prescription drugs costs
  • TrueHealth HMO

    This plan is for you if you
    • Have complex health needs
    • Take brand name prescriptions
    • Want free unlimited primary care provider visits
  • Portfolio HSA (HMO or PPO)

    This plan is for you if you
    • Want to set aside tax-free dollars for care
    • Want maximum financial protection if you get injured or ill
    • Like to manage your health expenses using a health savings account
Want all plan details side-by-side? Our 2023 Shoppers Guide can help you compare plans and determine your needs.

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    • Expert advisors from AZ Blue can help find out if you're eligible for financial help, review available plans that fit your needs and budget, and get you enrolled. Call 1-844-756-2583 to get a quote or shop and purchase your plan online.
    • 9 out of 10 Arizonans are eligible for financial help to save on healthcare costs.1 You may even be eligible for a $0 monthly premium plan. Financial help is based on your household income and household size. You can check to see how much financial help you are eligible for here, or call us at 1-844-756-2583.
    • Expert advisors from Blue can review available plans that fit your needs and budget, and get you enrolled. Call 1-844-756-2583 or learn more about which plan is right for you by reading this brochure.
    • ACA health plans include free preventive care including screenings and immunizations and also cover doctor visits, prescription drugs, and emergency care. Learn more about what ACA plans offer you and your family by reading this brochure.
    • You are eligible to purchase an Affordable Care Act health plan during Open Enrollment (November 1 to January 15). You can purchase outside of Open Enrollment if you’ve lost your health insurance coverage in the last 60 days or expect to lose your health coverage in the next 60 days or have another qualifying life event.

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    AZ Blue is local. We are your friends, your neighbors, and your family. Our mission is to bring quality, affordable healthcare to all Arizonans at all life stages.

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    The Affordable Care Act gives thousands of Arizonans financial help to lower their healthcare costs. Browse our plan options or talk to our team to learn more.

    1$0/month health plans available with a subsidy.

    2Source: 2021.

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