BCBSAZ Member ID Prefix Lists

Most Blue Cross® Blue Shield® (BCBS) member IDs begin with a three-character prefix. The prefix is critical for routing claims and electronic inquiries.

Note: BCBSAZ is updating member accounts and replacing prefixes for certain members. For details see the at-a-glance prefix replacement table below and preview the 2023 prefix list.

Prefix Replacements

Original Prefix Replacement Prefix
(for certain members only)
Before 01/01/2023 EWX ➔ B4H After 12/31/2022
Before 01/01/2023 PMA ➔ Z9P After 12/31/2022
Before 01/01/2023 XBM ➔ Y4M After 12/31/2022
Before 01/01/2023 XBN ➔ N4Z After 12/31/2022
Before 01/01/2023 XBP ➔ P9H After 12/31/2022
Before 01/01/2021 SYD ➔ S3Z After 12/31/2020
Before 01/01/2020 XBU ➔ M2K After 12/31/2019
Note: The XBU prefix is no longer in use

Prefix Lists

2023 Prefix List (Preview) as of 11/01/2022

Current prefix list
July 2022

Previous prefix lists
April 2022
January 2022
July 2021

More about member account updates
Effective January 1, 2023, we will update some BCBSAZ member accounts with new member ID prefixes. This may require adjustments in your claim submission process to ensure accurate and timely claim processing.

Tip: Be sure to submit claims with the prefix related to the date of service.
If you submit a claim using a prefix that isn’t valid for the service date, you will receive a message advising you of the prefix replacement and where to find the prefix reference list:

"This member’s ID prefix was replaced. Please check the prefix list at azblue.com/prefix and resubmit with the prefix that is valid for this service date."

Tip: You might want to adjust the date range of your online remit searches
Some member accounts will be updated without a prefix replacement. All account updates (with and without prefix replacements) may affect remit searches that span a date range. If you find remits are missing from your search, try searching payments issued up to the date of the account update (e.g., 01/01/2023) and do another search for payments issued on or after that date.

Note: For Federal Employee Program® (FEP®) members (prefix “R”), use the following 2022 dates to start or end your remit searches:

  • August 6, 2022 (dental claims)
  • October 29, 2022 (professional claims)
  • November 19, 2022 (institutional claims)

More about BCBS ID prefixes
In addition to routing claims and electronic inquiries, BCBS member ID prefixes indicate specific network and benefit plan information. Most prefixes are in the first three positions of the member's ID number and can be a mix of alpha and numeric characters. FEP plans use just the letter "R" as the prefix. If an ID does not include a prefix, please check the back of the card for specific instructions to verify eligibility, submit claims, and contact customer service.