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BCBSAZ COVID-19 response strategies

Message from BCBSAZ CMO Dr. James Napoli on Doctor’s Day (03/30/20)

Offering cash-flow relief for network providers

We have developed a voluntary financial assistance program for PCMH primary care providers (PCPs) whose businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PCMH Quality Incentive Prepayment Program: This program is for PCPs participating in the BCBSAZ Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Program. We’re offering these providers an advance on the annual PCMH quality incentive payment. See below for a news release about this program. To apply, contact your provider relations coordinator or email

See news release
BCBSAZ prepayment program for PCPs (news release 05/04/20)

Mitigating exposure through virtual services

Virtual services have become an important part of a coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic. Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) has expanded this coverage and in many cases is waiving member cost share.

See updates:
Tele-everything – BCBSAZ Quick Reference Guide (05/21/20)
Update from BCBSAZ CMO Dr. James Napoli on tele-everything benefits (04/03/20)

Making temporary changes in pre-service review requirements

BCBSAZ is temporarily adjusting certain pre-service review requirements. Our extended approval windows optimize flexibility and ease of scheduling for previously postponed non-essential surgical procedures.

See updates:
BCBSAZ supports ADHS-exempted providers as they resume elective surgeries (05/06/20)
Pre-service review waiver ends 4/26 for post-acute care facility admissions (04/22/20)
Temporary changes in pre-service review requirements (04/09/20)

Supporting high-risk members with care management

The BCBSAZ Care Management program is providing additional support to high-risk patients who could benefit from enhanced care coordination.

See details and referral information:
BCBSAZ offers support for members at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness (04/01/20)

Provider preparedness

Arizona’s emergency response to the COVID-19 outbreak includes executive orders and resources to help combat the spread of the virus. To support providers, ADHS has created a provider resources page.

See updates:
COVID-19: BCBSAZ expands support for affected members (03/17/20)

Protecting our members

BCBSAZ is taking steps to protect the safety and well-being of its members.

See updates:
BCBSAZ expands support for coronavirus services and care (news release 03/11/20)

Supporting our community

Some examples of how we’re partnering with state and local leaders include helping to facilitate testing, offering funding for needed supplies, and contributing to food banks and other community resources to support essential services.

Provider resources