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BCBSAZ COVID-19 response strategies

BCBSAZ emergency measures at a glance  (11/23/21)

BCBSAZ emergency measures

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is continuing several emergency measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – see current list.

See details:
BCBSAZ to discontinue telehealth cost-share waivers Nov 15 (10/12/21)
BCBSAZ reinstates preservice review waiver for post-acute care admissions (08/12/21)
Many BCBSAZ COVID-19 waivers to end May 31 (04/06/21)

COVID-19 vaccines

BCBSAZ covers the expanded range of COVID-19 vaccine boosters. See our November 23 newsletter for details about this and the “mix and match” approach to using the authorized brands interchangeably. For immunocompromised individuals (as defined by the CDC), the third dose must be one of the two authorized mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna). BCBSAZ and most of our self-funded employers are currently covering the cost of administering the vaccine, with no member cost share and no prior authorization, for the duration of the public health emergency.

See details:
COVID-19 vaccine booster update (11/23/21)
BCBSAZ to cover expanded range of COVID-19 vaccine boosters (10/27/21)
Pfizer booster for individuals in high-risk categories (09/27/2021)
BCBSAZ now covering third COVID-19 dose for the immunocompromised (08/25/2021)
Overcoming COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy (01/06/2021)
COVID-19 vaccines – What you need to know (12/15/2020)
Become an approved COVID-19 vaccine administrator (12/11/2020)

BCBSAZ launches pilot program for monoclonal antibody treatment

BCBSAZ is piloting a monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment referral program for high-risk members who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have mild to moderate symptoms. Monoclonal antibody treatment (for high-risk individuals ages 12 years and older) has received emergency use authorization from the FDA because it is proving to be effective in reducing severe COVID-19 illness and preventing hospitalization and death in the high-risk population. Our goal is to eventually make this treatment available to more Arizonans and to minimize the impact on hospitals from any future COVID-19 surges.

For more information about our pilot program, see our November 2 provider notice and access our provider FAQs. If you have patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have mild to moderate symptoms, you can check availability for mAb treatment through the Arizona Poison Control Systems COVID-19 Hotline (1-844-542-8201) or use the online HSS federal locator search tool. For more information, see the NIH guidance for therapeutic management of non-hospitalized individuals.

See updates:
BCBSAZ launches monoclonal antibody program (11/02/21)
Provider FAQs (11/02/21)

Supporting our community

Community Support

Some examples of how we’ve partnered with state and local leaders include:

  •  Helping to facilitate testing

  •  Offering funding for needed supplies

  •  Contributing to food banks and other community resources to support essential services

  •  Assisting state leadership in creating multiple, highly efficient COVID-19 vaccination clinic sites

Mitigating exposure through virtual services

Virtual services have become an important part of a coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic. BCBSAZ has expanded this coverage and in many cases is waiving member cost share.

See updates:
Tele-everything – BCBSAZ Quick Reference Guide (03/05/21)

Supporting high-risk members with care management

The BCBSAZ Care Management program provides support to high-risk and critically ill patients who could benefit from enhanced care coordination.

See details and referral information:
BCBSAZ offers support for members at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness (04/01/20)

Protecting our members

BCBSAZ is taking steps to protect the safety and well-being of its members.

See details:
COVID-19 updates and support for members

Provider resources

Vaccine provider onboard form
Response overview page
Healthcare Provider page
Provider hotline for COVID-19 testing and patient guidance: 1-844-652-8201 (AZ Poison Control)

COVID-19 Benefit Updates page

COVID-19 Resources for Dentists page (includes practice management resources)
COVID-19 Coding and Billing – Interim Guidance (includes information on teledentistry)

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