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My BluePrintSM

This is the BCBSAZ online health assessment tool available to members. The tool provides a member with a report based on their responses to health related questions.

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Health Coaching*

The program offers a Health Coach who will provide a member with support in achieving their health goals through lifestyle and behavior changes. The program includes one-on-one health support and guidance with setting goals and learning to maintain healthy habits.

*Health Coaching is not available for Medicare supplement members nor FEP members. Availability of services and programs may vary. Certain programs, such as Health Coaching, have eligibility requirements.

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Healthy Living Programs*

Online programs in health improvement or condition management. The programs offer information and tools covering health conditions and diseases, personal and family health, and healthy living.

* Program provided by an independent company contracted with BCBSAZ to provide specific services to Blue members.

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HealthyBlue Beginnings*

  • This maternity support program offers: Preconception education, counseling and a free pregnancy kit
  • Access to a maternity nurse toll-free telephone support line, 24/7
  • A comprehensive book to guide a member through pregnancy
  • Dedicated maternity nurses to provide support to a member diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy
  • Telephone support line available until a members’ baby is six weeks old
  • Visit HealthyBlue Beginnings website

*HealthyBlue Beginnings is available to members of fully insured and Administrative Service Contract large group employer plans.

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HealthyBlue® Online*

Provides members with health related tools, resources and services. The interactive website includes tools or programs such as:

  • Pregnancy Health Center
  • Food and Nutrition Center
  • Hospital Comparison Tool
  • Guide to Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • Care Comparison® Tool

*Availability of services and programs will vary. Not all programs may be available to all members. Certain programs have eligibility requirements. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona members should always consult with their physician or health care provider regarding medical care or treatment as recommendations, advice, services or online resources are not a substitute for the advice, opinion or recommendation of a member’s physician or health care provider. Services or treatment options may not be covered under BCBSAZ benefit plans. Certain services are provided by an independent third party contracted with BCBSAZ to provide health enhancement services to BCBSAZ members.

Blue365 - because health is a big deal

Blue365® Discounts*

A program exclusive to members that offers deals designed to help members live a healthier life.

Members have access to discounts on a broad range of products and services available through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Blue365 offers access to savings on items that members may purchase directly from independent vendors.

*Discounted services and/or products are provided by independent contractors who are solely responsible for services and/or products provided to eligible members. These contractors do not provide BCBSAZ products or services.

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Disease Management*

The Disease Management Program offers support to members diagnosed with certain chronic conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Low Back Pain

Device Monitoring of biometrics (e.g. blood glucose monitoring) for certain qualified members diagnosed with:

  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Failure

Care Alerts provided added education and build awareness of how best to manage a chronic condition regarding:

  • Prevention
  • Medication Adherence and Safety
  • Gaps in Care

* Availability of services and programs will vary. Some programs may not be available to all members.

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Nurse On Call*

A telephone triage service available to members. Members can speak directly with a registered nurse who can answer questions and help them make an informed healthcare decision. The service is available 24/7/365 in English, Spanish and over 140 other languages (via translated services). 

* Nurse On Call  Nurse On Call is available to eligible members. Members under age 18 must obtain parental consent prior to using the services. Services and treatment options presented may not be covered under your BCBSAZ benefit plan. Please review your benefits or contact BCBSAZ at (602) 864-4400 or (800) 232-2345 prior to receiving non-emergent services. Certain services are provided by an independent third party contracted with BCBSAZ to provide health enhancement services to BCBSAZ members.

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Care Management*

The Care Management program offers support to members faced with a catastrophic medical event or diagnosis. Services are voluntary and include one-on-one telephonic communication with a care manager. Services also include assistance with understanding health plan benefits.

* Availability of services and programs will vary. Some programs may not be available to all members.

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Other Services

  • In addition to a personal physician, flu and pneumonia shots may also be available to eligible members at sites contracted with BCBSAZ as network providers. Coverage is subject to a member’s benefit plan.
  • Mobile On-Site Mammography (MOM), a BCBSAZ contracted network provider, offers screening mammograms at various community locations to BCBSAZ female members age 35 and older. Some restrictions apply. Members should contact BCBSAZ at the number on the back of your insurance ID card for details. Coverage is subject to a member’s benefit plan.