Health and Wellness Tools

BCBSAZ offers an integrated program of health and wellness tools, including our 24/7 “Nurse On Call” service for healthcare questions and other resources to engage and empower members to make healthier lifestyle choices. See below for more information.

Please note: Not all wellness services are available to all members. Available services will depend on the member’s benefit plan type and personal circumstances. Some services are provided through independent contractors.

Nurse On Call*

Accessible 24/7/365 in English, Spanish, and many other languages (via translated services), the Nurse On Call service is available at no cost to all BCBSAZ enrolled members.

  • Registered nurses are available to answer questions and help identify and evaluate symptoms.
  • Nurses offer health information to help members decide on next steps.

*Nurse On Call services are provided by independent third parties contracted with BCBSAZ to provide health enhancement services to BCBSAZ members.

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Sharecare Health & Wellness

We have partnered with Sharecare® to bring employers a truly differentiated digital health and wellness experience. Our members can expect immediacy, simplicity, and relevancy in a mobile app, while employers will find tools that drive sustained employee engagement to improve health outcomes and control rising costs.

Sharecare RealAge Test Health Assessment

This online assessment tool is available to all members (except Medicare & Medicaid) and consists of a series of questions covering eating, exercising, and sleeping habits, along with family health history, behaviors, and existing conditions. The assessment report is generated automatically online and measures the member’s physiological age (their “Real Age”) vs. their chronological age, along with specific indicators of healthcare risks and simple steps to reduce risk.

The assessment requests some health measurements from the past six months. This includes current height, weight, blood pressure, and from recent lab work: total cholesterol, HDL, and fasting blood glucose.

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Lifestyle Coaching*

This program offers an assigned health coach to support the member in achieving health goals through lifestyle and behavior changes. It includes one-on-one guidance in setting goals and learning to maintain healthy habits.

*Available to groups with 100+ employees or more that have Lifestyle Coaching through Sharecare. Lifestyle Coaching is not available for Medicare supplement members or FEP members. Certain coaching programs, have eligibility requirements. Programs are provided by an independent company who has contracted with BCBSAZ to provide specific services to Blue members

Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting Resources*

This maternity support program offers the following types of assistance:

  • Fertility: Helps track reproductive cycles. Includes an ovulation calendar, symptom trackers, coaching and an online community
  • Parenting: Supports parents with children under four, and helps them track their child’s health and development – features include health assessments, milestone checklists, content and infant activity tracking
  • Pregnancy: Helps expectant mothers understand, track and maintain both their own and their baby’s health throughout pregnancy. Features include a calendar to support daily activity, doctor appointment and milestone tracking and content and coaching

*The Ovia Fertility, Parenting and Pregnancy Program is available to members of certain large employer groups.

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BlueCare Anywhere℠ Telehealth Benefit

For times when a member’s regular provider is unavailable, BCBSAZ offers an online “24/7 quick access” benefit for certain medical, counseling, and psychiatry services. Board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners are available within minutes for consultation, diagnosis, and prescriptions (as needed). Therapist and psychiatrist appointments require advance scheduling.

BlueCare AnywhereSM makes it easy for members to have summaries of their telehealth virtual visits forwarded to their regular providers for inclusion in existing health records.

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