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Log in to and select “Pharmacy” to access the pharmacy portal.

Getting Started

Be sure to update your account information by clicking on “My profile.” You can update your address and payment methods, manage your medication reminders, contact list, your allergies and conditions, and more.

In the sections below, you can learn about the tools offered on the pharmacy portal and how to navigate each. If you have questions about any of the content, call Prescription Benefits at 1-866-325-1794.

Note: Some medications may have limitations based on quantity, gender, or age and may include precertification requirements. All forms and resources can be found here.

My Prescriptions Tool

Ordering prescriptions to your home

With the My Prescriptions tool, you can save a trip to the pharmacy and send medications right to your front door! You can get up to a 90-day supply at one time and standard shipping is always free.

Refilling home delivery prescriptions

  • Refillable medications are already approved by your doctor and will be processed immediately
  • When a refillable medication approaches or passes its expiration date, you must request a renewal from your doctor

Transferring to home delivery

  • Submit your request under the Retail Pharmacies section by selecting the “Transfer to Home Delivery” button (the price for each of your prescriptions available for home delivery is shown)
  • We will contact your doctor with your request
  • Once approved, your request will be processed and filled within two weeks

If you have questions about ordering prescription drugs to your home, download this flyer or call 1-866-325-1794.

Tracking your medications

You can also use the My Prescriptions tool to track all the drugs you have for home delivery, from retail pharmacies, and over-the-counter. You can view all your current prescriptions and even add drugs that may be missing under the retail pharmacies or over-the-counter sections by completing the drug information form.

Order Status Tool

Checking the status of your drugs

With the Order Status tool, you can view your active or completed home delivery orders by entering a drug name or order number in the search bar.

  • For active orders, you can view where your order is for each step in the process – from the request being placed to final delivery
  • Tracking information will show up within one to two business days of the shipped date

Price a Drug Tool

Comparing costs of drugs and coverage information

With the Price a Drug tool, you can look up a drug and find information and pricing at nearby pharmacies.

  • Search your current medications that have already been added or use the search tool to search for another drug
  • Narrow your search by form and dosage, strength, and quantity
  • Results will show brand and generic drug options, which pharmacies near you carry each option, and the price at each pharmacy
  • Pricing information will be specific to your health plan including your current deductible status
  • Click the “See all drug information” button to learn common uses, possible side effects, and other things you should know about the drug

View My Claims Tool

Viewing claim details

With the View My Claims tool, you can view your current and past drug claims.

  • Your claims will be organized by date and show medication details, what pharmacy it was received at, quantity, and what you paid1
  • Click on “Claim details” to access more information for each claim

Saving Money on Prescription Medications

Save on everyday drugs with our Tier 1a prescription drug list

Find lower copays on common prescriptions for the most-used generic drugs so you can stay healthy and Do Life. Depending on your plan choice, copays will be as low as $0 to $3. Don’t see your prescription on the list? Show the Tier 1a prescription drug list to your doctor to see if there’s an equivalent low-cost option that could work for you instead.

Check your insurance formulary

Formularies list all the medications your insurance benefits cover and defines copay tiers. Be sure your medications are listed in your insurer formulary. You can work with your doctor to explore the formulary and choose the best medications or combination of medications that are both effective and cost-efficient.

Ask your doctor for lower-cost options

When your doctor prescribes medicine to treat a condition, ask them if there are lower-cost alternatives. Your pharmacist can also help you identify generic alternatives.

Purchase 90-day supplies

90-day supplies save money and are now available at traditional retail pharmacies – not just by mail. Those on maintenance medications may lower their costs through larger refills.

Understanding the differences between medication types

  • A brand-name drug is a first-to-market medication. Brand-name drugs may cost consumers more due to the time, money, and resources that drug companies invest in development and the clinical trials required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Just because a drug carries a brand name, however, does not necessarily mean it’s more effective than a generic or similar brand-name medication.
  • Generic drugs deliver the same amount of active ingredient in the same timeframe as their brand-name counterparts. Generics are required to have the same quality, strength, purity, and stability as brand-name product. Generally, using a generic drug can save you money by replacing a brand-name medication with the same active ingredient and dosage. Plus, generic alternatives, within the same therapy class, may also be considered when generic equivalents are not yet available.
  • Traditional drugs are used to treat general health and chronic conditions, such as flu, diabetes, or common infections. Specialty drugs are commonly used to address complex as well as rare diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. Both traditional and specialty drugs can be administered as an oral medication, infusion, or injectable.

What you need to know before filling your next prescription

  • A drug list (sometimes called a formulary) describes which medications your health plan covers and how you share in the cost.
  • Formularies segment drugs into groups called tiers. Each tier reflects a defined payment level. Here are the tiers for your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona health plan:

    $0 Preventive Medications including Women’s Prevention (primarily generics)
    Tier 1a Lower Cost Share (lower copays on common prescriptions including select insulin)
    Tier 1b Low Cost Share
    Tier 2 Moderate Cost Share
    Tier 3 Highest Cost Share
    SP Specialty Drugs (limited to a 30-day supply in-network Specialty or Retail pharmacies)
    MB Medical Benefit (when covered, these medications will bee under the medical benefit)

1If you have terminated coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and no longer have access to your portal, claim details can only be retrieved by submitting historical claim data. Start by calling Pharmacy Benefits at 1-866-325-1794.