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Wellness Programs

Reach Health Goals with Support from Blue 

From 24/7 telehealth services to one-on-one health coaching and condition management, your employees will have programs and support to help them reach their health goals.

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Tools for Your Employees' Health

Discover the many programs and services that can make it easier for your employees to feel better by getting and staying healthy.

Blue365® Discounts

Members can take advantage of exclusive deals with savings from top health and wellness brands. Discounts are offered on weight-loss programs, health and fitness clubs, healthy travel experiences, and much more.1

Sharecare® App

Members can take control of their health with the Sharecare wellness app. They start by taking the RealAge® Test to determine the true age of their body versus their calendar age. The program then delivers personalized insights, challenges, daily tracking, and tools to improve their RealAge and live healthier.

Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting

Members have support for all steps of their parenthood journey by enrolling in the fertility, pregnancy, or parenting program through the Sharecare experience, and then downloading the Ovia Health app that’s right for them. They’ll find expert content, tailored insights, and one-on-one health coaching from a dedicated team of experts.

Lifestyle Coaching

Groups of 100+ employees have access to Lifestyle Coaching through Sharecare.2 Experienced health coaches provide extra encouragement and guidance, via phone, to help your employees manage their day-to-day demands – and make real progress on their health goals.

Nurse on Call

Members can connect with a registered nurse 24/7 to get answers to questions about symptoms they’re experiencing, talk about minor illnesses and injuries, medical tests, preventive care, and more.3

BlueCare AnywhereSM Telehealth

Members get the advantage of convenient healthcare with the BlueCare Anywhere telehealth app. They can visit with a board-certified doctor for minor illnesses – any day and any time – on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Online counseling and psychiatric care are available by appointment.

Chronic Condition Management

Unmanaged chronic conditions can lead to serious health complications. Condition management supports members diagnosed with arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions with individualized help from qualified clinicians to help manage and improve their health.

Care Management

When members are faced with a serious medical event or diagnosis (like cancer or a trauma), care managers offer one-on-one support to help them with their coverage, care needs, and questions.

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1 Discounted services and/or products are provided by independent contractors who are solely responsible for services and/or products provided to eligible members. These contractors do not provide BCBSAZ products or services. 

Available to groups with 100+ employees or more that have Lifestyle Coaching through Sharecare. Lifestyle Coaching is not available for Medicare Supplement members or FEP members. Availability of services and programs may vary. Certain coaching programs have eligibility requirements. Programs are provided by an independent company who has contracted with BCBSAZ to provide specific services to Blue members. 

3 Nurse On Call is available to eligible members. Members under age 18 must obtain parental consent prior to using the services. Services and treatment options presented may not be covered under your BCBSAZ benefit plan. Please review your benefits or contact BCBSAZ at 602-864-4400 or 1-800-232-2345 prior to receiving non-emergent services. Certain services are provided by an independent third party contracted with BCBSAZ to provide health enhancement services to BCBSAZ members.