Happiness is a habit

A happier, more resilient you starts here!

Mood-boosting tips

Making just a few changes in your regular routine can have a noticeably positive effect on
your mood. Experiment with some or all of these ideas to discover what works best for you.

  • Feed Your Body Well

    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Up your intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins if you’re falling short of recommended amounts.
    • Cut back on sweets, saturated and trans fats, soda, and processed foods.
  • Get Moving

    • Schedule exercise into your day. It’s okay to start small — even 15 minutes a day helps — and then build up.
    • Mix up your routine with different forms of exercise.
    • Identify friends who can be your walking, running, swimming, or gym buddies.
    • Explore Arizona’s great outdoors.
    • Try yoga.
  • Be (More) Present

    • Establish a meditation or mindfulness practice.
    • Try taking a few deep breaths when you’re stuck in line, caught in traffic, or in situations that usually cause you stress.
    • Challenge yourself to spend five minutes each day in total silence.
    • Participate in worthwhile work, paid or unpaid – like volunteering, hobbies, and support groups.
  • Unplug

    • Build device-free time into every day.
    • Instead of turning to a screen for entertainment, choose a book, puzzle, or game.
    • Go for a walk instead of scrolling through social media.

Blueprint for happiness

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, we want to provide a Blueprint for Happiness, because happiness is part of your health. Happiness leads to healthier behaviors like being active and eating nutritious food. Check out our social media channels and blog on the first Friday of every month for tips on sparking more joy and happiness in your life!

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