Read More How do I check the status of my payments?

You can view payment Status by navigating to the Billing & Payment menu, select ‘Billing & Payment,’ then select the ‘Payment History’ link on the left side of the page under the option ‘Payment.’

Read More Can I pay an amount other than what appears on my statement?

Yes. If you have ‘Pay and Adjust’ permission, you can make necessary adjustments to members and submit payment for the new adjusted total.

Navigate to the Billing & Payment menu, select ‘Billing & Payment,’ select one or more sections for the current statement, and click on the ‘View/Adjust’ button. Next find the subscriber you wish to make an adjustment for, select a ‘Reason for Adjustment,’ and enter the New Payment amount. You can make changes to multiple subscribers at the same time. Once you are finished with the changes, click on the ‘Save’ Button, review your changes on the next page, and click ‘Submit’. Now you will be able to pay the updated total.

Note: If any adjustments are made to the bill, the amount will not come off on the confirmation page but will come off the total when your bill is withdrawn from your account.

Read More Can I adjust my bill and still pay by check?

Yes. You can make your account adjustments as outlined in FAQ #2, enter your revised amount on your check and mail it in with your statement.

Read More How do I view payment history?

You can view payment History by navigating to the Billing & Payment menu, select ‘Billing & Payment,’ then select the ‘Payment History’ link on the left side of the page under the option ‘Payment’.

Read More How far back can I view payments?

‘Payment History’ will remain available online for 12 months. If you require payment information that exceeds this time frame, please contact BCBSAZ.

Read More How quickly are payments processed?

Payments are processed the next business day when submitted prior to 4:00 p.m. MST. Payments scheduled after 4:00 p.m. MST, or on a weekend or holiday, will be processed the next business day.

Read More When will my payments show online?

Payments will show under ‘Payment History’ immediately after being submitted.

Read More Will I receive a confirmation of payment?

Yes. Once you select “Pay Now,” you will see a payment detail page with the Payment Reference number. You can print a copy of this page for reference and you can find the same information by clicking on “Payment History” and selecting the linked Payment Date.

Read More How do I cancel a payment?

Payments can be canceled by choosing the Payment History option and selecting “Cancel Payment” under action. This can only be done before 5 p.m. on the day of the Payment Date.

Read More What will happen if my checking account has insufficient funds at the time of the transaction?

If a payment is not honored by your financial institution, the payment will be reversed and your payment status will be adjusted accordingly. Service fees may apply from your financial institution for payments that could not be processed. Consult your financial institution for more information regarding fees for failed payments.

Read More I have a prior amount due in addition to my current statement. Can I pay the entire total online?

Yes. Navigate to the Payment screen, select credit or balance due and complete the information. You will need to enter the letter date and the amount to continue.

Read More How can I make an additional payment?

Navigate to the ‘Make a Payment’ page and enter the required information to complete your transaction. (This option is available to employer groups with 100 or more employees).

Read More Can I set up Automatic Payments?

Yes. Navigate to the Automatic Payments page. Enter banking information if you haven’t already, enter in a description, and select “Continue” to set up the Automatic Payment. Payments will be scheduled 5 days before the billing due date.

Read More What should I do if I lose my internet connection during a transaction?

Login to MyBlue and the online billing service and check the ‘Payment History’ page to see if your payment instructions were received. If you do not see your payment instructions listed, you may re-enter them.

Read More How do I cancel the service?

The service is always available through MyBlue. We suggest you remove your banking information and cancel any automatic payments you have scheduled. For further assistance, please call Technical Support at (602) 864-4844.

Read More How do I reset my password?

You can access the ‘Change Password’ feature in the ‘Account Management’ sub-navigation in the Group Portal. If you have forgotten your password, you can access the “Forgot Password" feature on the login page. For assistance, please call Technical Support at (602) 864-4844 or (800) 650-5656.

Read More How is my information kept private and secure?

Please see the BCBSAZ privacy policy

Read More How do I enter a new financial institution?

Navigate to the ‘Bank Information’ page, select the ‘Add New Bank Account’ link, and complete the required information.

Read More How do I remove a financial institution?

You can navigate to the ‘Bank Information’ page, select ‘Remove’ for the financial institution you wish to remove, and click “Submit”.

Warning: if you have a payment scheduled from this financial institution that has not been processed, you must either Cancel or Edit the scheduled payment or wait to remove the financial institution until the payment has processed.

Read More How do I make a claims payment?

Self-funded employers can make claims payments by selecting ‘Billing & Payment’ and navigating to ‘Make a Payment’ on the left side of the billing page. Select ‘claims’ and follow the prompts.