Why Buy Blue

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, our mission is to provide the best value in health insurance and improve the quality of life of Arizonans.

  • Nationwide, 1 in 3 people are covered by a Blue Cross &/or Blue Shield company*
  • BCBSAZ is the largest Arizona-based health insurance company
  • BCBSAZ provides health insurance products, services or networks to more than 1.5 million individuals, families, employers and their employees.*
  • We offer numerous healthcare plan and network options to meet the changing needs of our clients

In today’s evolving healthcare environment, we must deliver products, services and tools that positively impact health outcomes and costs. Our ongoing development of innovative healthcare solutions is a vital part of providing the best quality of care options for our members. To learn more, watch this brief video.

Reach out to Broker Services at BCBSAZBC@azblue.com for more information.

*Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

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Data Management Capabilities

Designed for large employer groups and their brokers, BCBSAZ provides comprehensive and flexible data management capabilities through our BlueInsight tool. BlueInsight removes guesswork from health care plan management, offering hundreds of online reports and unlimited customization for you and your company’s authorized users.

Cost & Utilization Data helps:

  • Make better, faster health care management decisions 24/7
  • Identify what factors are driving trends, and/or vary from the established benchmarks
  • Track paid and incurred medical claims utilization data and perform detailed or aggregate-level data analysis
  • In determining where to focus efforts for health and chronic condition management