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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes several provisions geared to extend greater access to health insurance benefits to more people. Beginning in 2014, most Americans must have a minimum amount of health plan coverage, or face a tax penalty.

While there is a lot to be done before the ACA is fully implemented, this useful guide provides important information to help you understand the implementation of the ACA in Arizona.

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At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, our mission is to provide the best value in health insurance and improve the quality of life of Arizonans.

  • Nationwide, 1 in 3 people are covered by a Blue Cross &/or Blue Shield company*
  • BCBSAZ is the largest Arizona-based health insurance company
  • BCBSAZ provides health insurance products, services or networks to more than 1 million individuals
  • Easy access to over 20,000 healthcare providers
  • We keep our customers satisfied – view our latest satisfaction ratings

We want to know what matters to you most. By understanding what is important to you, we can direct you to the right plan.

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*Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

BlueNet - Put your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona health insurance plan to work for you with BlueNet. BlueNet offers interactive, online tools, resources and services for employers that choose BCBSAZ.

With BlueNet, managing your changing employee roster is fast and convenient. Save time by updating employee information on BlueNet. You can add or terminate enrollees online – including dependents. Plus, you can check transactions and monitor group account activity. And, you can access health and wellness information, download detailed reports and more from your computer.


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