Cultivate Your Workforce!

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (AZ Blue) has partnered with the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC) to create Cultivate - a new set of unique health plans that provide AZHCC members with a workforce of 2-50 employees the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by offering affordable health and dental plan options. Cultivate health plans are a great way for business owners to recruit and retain employees, as well as keeping themselves - and their employees - healthy, happy and productive.
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Rooted in the Community

You and your business have unique needs. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona gets that. We’re from Arizona and we’re for Arizonans. We’ll treat you like a neighbor while delivering world-class, inspired healthcare.

Cultivate Health & Wellness

  • Endorsed by the AZHCC, Cultivate health plans are designed to fit every budget, with three deductible levels to choose from
  • Expansive network with over 2,300 Spanish speaking providers
  • Smooth onboarding and local customer service with Spanish-speaking agents available
  • Statewide provider network, with 98% of all hospitals and 96% of all providers represented (including rural areas)
  • An assigned account manager to help small businesses implement the health plans
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