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New health insurance relief is here.

Great news–Income rules have changed and more subsidies are now available. 9 out of 10 Arizonans are now eligible for a health coverage subsidy. We can help you find out what financial help is available and what plan is right for you. Enrollment ends August 15.


or call 1-888-304-2583

Plans include:

 Subsidy Expansion    Subsidy Expansion        
primary care
doctor visits*
24/7 Nurse 
On Call
preventive care services
(flu shots, wellness
checks, and more)
doctor visits**

Don’t miss this opportunity – Enroll through August 15.

2021 Health Plans at a Glance

Here’s a quick look at the plans we’re offering for 2021. Plans are available in all counties.

Subsidy Expansion  Blue EverydayHealth
Predictable Out-of-Pocket Costs for Every Budget
EverydayHealth might be right for you if you visit the doctor often and take only generic drugs. With several deductibles to choose from and predictable costs, EverydayHealth has a plan to fit every family. 
 Subsidy Expansion
Blue TrueHealth
For Those Who Need Specialist Care or Brand-Name Drugs
If you have an ongoing health condition, TrueHealth makes it easy to plan your healthcare costs. With $0 PCP visits and fixed copays for specialist doctors and certain brand-name drugs, TrueHealth takes the hassle out of being healthy.
 Subsidy Expansion
Blue AdvanceHealth
For Peace-of-Mind Coverage
AdvanceHealth is there for you when you need it. With low-cost generic drugs and online doctor visits, AdvanceHealth helps keep you healthy, even when the unexpected happens.
 Subsidy Expansion
Blue Portfolio
For the Health Planner
Portfolio can be paired with a health savings account (HSA) to help you plan for your healthcare costs. Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming surgery or saving for the future, an HSA allows you to pay for healthcare using pretax dollars. Portfolio gives you more control.
 Subsidy Expansion
Blue SimpleHealth
For the Young and Healthy
SimpleHealth is an affordable way to protect yourself, “just in case.” If you’re under 30, healthy, have a hardship exemption, or don’t qualify for a subsidy, SimpleHealth may be the right plan for you.


or call 1-888-304-2583

A Healthier You Starts Here

For more than 80 years, Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) has been committed to helping Arizonans get healthier faster, and stay healthier longer. Today, we offer health insurance and related products to over 1.7 million customers.***

We understand there’s more to health insurance than having access to affordable care when you need it. That’s why we give you more ways to be healthier—and save along the way.


or call 1-888-304-2583

Don’t go another day without healthcare coverage. 

Subsidy Expansion

* Applies to your first two or three visits in a calendar year (depending on your plan), and is in addition to your no-cost preventive care visits. Visits must be with your designated PCP or with a designated PCP referral. $0/free visits are not available for Portfolio plans.
**Free BlueCare AnywhereSM medical visits are included in the TrueHealth cost-share reduction plans.
***Source: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona 

Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Cross and Shield Symbols, and MyBlue are registered service marks, and BlueCare Anywhere is a service mark, of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans. ©2021 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Inc., an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. All rights reserved.