Managing User Roles

Provider Portal - New User Roles!

What are user roles?
User roles are a simple, easy and quick way of giving website users “permissions” to access online resources and tools.

What's different?
Previously we used an “a la carte” menu for granting user permissions. The new user roles “bundle” those permissions in alignment with the work the user does in the provider practice/facility.

So if you mainly handle claims, the user role best suited for you might be the General with Claims role.

When do the new user roles start?
The new user roles went live in November, 2015. The provider portal still has the same look and feel.

What do I need to do?

If you are already a registered provider portal user, you were automatically assigned the user role most aligned with your previously assigned permissions. You don’t need to do anything unless you find that the role you have been assigned does not meet the needs of your work. If you would like to change your user role, please work with your Administrator or Office Manager.

If you are currently a DA (Designated Administrator), you were automatically assigned to the Administrator role. You will need to get familiar with how the roles correspond to the previous menu of permissions. If any of your users need to have their roles changed, you or the Office Manager can re-assign them.
New users will be assigned to a role by their Administrator or Office Manager, according to the needs and tasks of their position.

What permissions do the roles have?
Here is how the new user roles relate to the access areas on the provider portal.

Provider roles grid

Download PDF here.

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