BCBSAZ Members*

      Precertification Requirements

      Requests: eviCore

      Requests: PCP Coordinated Care HMO (log in to the secure provider portal to access the online request tool)

      Resources: eviCore

      Resources: Pharmacy

      Specialty Medication List 2019

*Note: The Northwest Arizona Employee Benefit Trust (NAEBT) group contracts directly with American Health Group (AHG) for precertification services, including medical policy, for their members (ID prefix NBT). Call AHG at 1 (800) 847-7605.

BlueCard (Out-of-area) Members –   Access information through the secure provider portal at “Practice Management > Precertification > BlueCard (Out of-Area) Members”

CHS Group Members – call the number on the back of the ID card or contact the group’s TPA

FEP Members – see precertification requirements list or visit the FEP policies and guidelines page.

Precertification Requests - Quick Guide

eviCore is a separate, independent company that provides precertification services to BCBSAZ members and providers.
AHG is an independent company contracted directly with NAEBT. They provide and are solely responsible for precertification services (including medical policy) for NAEBT members. AHG does not provide BCBSAZ products or services.