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Epocrates Rx

Epocrates Rx

Access BCBSAZ's tiered prescription benefit information more conveniently than ever – through Epocrates Rx. Providers using a personal digital assistant (PDA) or personal computer can now download our tiered copay medication lists* and other pharmaceutical information. Here's how it works:

  • Health insurance companies, managed care organizations and pharmacy benefit managers provide their tiered Rx copay plans or formularies to Epocrates, Inc.
  • Epocrates integrates the tiered plans and formularies into a drug database and loads them into the Epocrates server.
  • Providers who have subscribed to and/or downloaded an Epocrates product can select the tiered plans or formularies of interest to them from the Epocrates website.
  • Providers access the tiered copay plans/formularies and updates via a PDA and/or desktop.

The tiered plans accessible through Epocrates Rx are the standard BCBSAZ 3-Tier/4-Tier Rx plans and exclude the Federal Employee Program (FEP), Corporate Health Services (CHS) accounts and out-of-state BlueCard members. Additionally, large (100+) groups are permitted to modify some prescription drug benefits within their plans which may vary from the standard benefits displayed via Epocrates. To verify the member's pharmacy benefit plan and coverage, please call the BCBSAZ Prescription Customer Service Unit at (602) 864-4273. Epocrates, Inc., is an independent company, is not affiliated in any way with BCBSAZ, and does not provide or administer BCBSAZ products and services. BCBSAZ is not responsible for any products or services offered by Epocrates, Inc.

The Epocrates Rx program (basic version) is offered at no charge to users of handheld Palm and Pocket PC devices that sync to Windows computers. Mac computer users will need to subscribe to Epocrates Rx Pro™ (premium product) with an additional subscription fee. Click below to refer to the Epocrates download instructions and learn how to get a 30 percent discount on any Epocrates premium product available to BCBSAZ providers. Epocrates download instructions and BCBSAZ discount code can be found by clicking the links below.

Quick Epocrates Downloading Reference for the BCBSAZ Tiered Benefit Plans

  • Category A: You have never subscribed to an Epocrates product
  • Category B: Your currently use Epocrates Rx or Epocrates Rx Pro on your handheld device, but have never loaded the BCBSAZ tiered plans
    1. Connect to the internet and go to Epocrates website
    2. Click the "Add Formularies" link at the top of the page.
    3. Log in to the Web site using your user name and password.
    4. Select the appropriate BCBSAZ tiered plan(s) (under "Arizona" and "Health Plans").
    5. Click on "Add to My List" and then click on "Done".
    6. AutoUpdate your PDA to install the BCBSAZ tiered plan(s) to your PDA.
  • Category C: You currently use Epocrates Rx online on your desktop computer, but have never added the BCBSAZ tiered plans to your list of formularies
    1. Connect to the internet and go to
    2. Click the "Rx Online" in the menu at the top of the page to go to Epocrates Rx Online.
    3. Log in using your user name and password (if applicable*).
    4. Click on the "Formularies" tab from the list of tabs at the top of the screen.
    5. Select the appropriate BCBSAZ tiered plan(s) (under "Arizona" and "Health Plans").
    6. Click on "Add to My List".
    7. The formulary will then be available in the Formulary drop-down menu on the main Drug screen.

*If your medical facility is offering free access to Epocrates Rx Online, you may not have permission to modify the formulary lists.

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