All BCBSAZ members and their families are eligible for eyewear and contact lens savings offered through Vision Care with no upfront cost and no monthly fee. Restrictions, limitations and exclusions may apply. Call Vision Care for details: (844) 298-2583.

Vision Care

Annual Deductible 

Eyeglass Exam:

$10 eyeglass exam

Contact lens exam and fitting is not included in the eyeglass exam price

In-Network Coinsurance (Plan Pays / Member Pays) 

Complete pair of glasses:

$150 off a complete pair1

Every frame. Every day.

Out of Network Coinsurance (Plan Pays / Member Pays) 


Exam: Unlimited
Frame: Unlimited
Lenses: Unlimited
Contact Lenses: Unlimited

Annual Plan Maximum 

Prescription Lenses:

Starting at $23.99


30-Day satisfaction guarantee2

1-Year manufacturer warranty
With 16 different plan designs, including voluntary options, we can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

BluePreferred Dental Plans

Annual Deductible 

Deductibles Available
$25 - $100
$75 - $200

In-Network Coinsurance (Plan Pays / Member Pays) 

Benefit Maximum Per Member Per Year
$500 – $2,000

Out of Network Coinsurance (Plan Pays / Member Pays) 

Diagnostic and Preventive
No cost to you for covered diagnostic and preventive services

Annual Plan Maximum 

Basic Restorative
After deductible is met you pay 10%-50%, BCBSAZ pays 50%-90%

Major Restorative
After deductible is met you pay 40%-50%, BCBSAZ pays 50%-40%. (Not covered for plan 1A)


Limitations and restrictions apply. This is not insurance. Vision Care is an independent company and does not offer BCBSAZ products and services. 1$150 off offer is limited to complete pair of eyeglasses including frame and lenses. 230-day Satisfaction guarantee applies to newly purchased frames, lenses, contact lenses or sunglasses. Vision Care will honor the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. See complete return and warranty policies located at or call
(844) 298-2583 warranty information.