Newly working from home? 10 ways to make it work.

As many Arizona businesses transition to telework to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), you may find yourself working from home (#WFH) for the first time. Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is here to help you find new ways forward. Consider these 10 tips to make the transition to telework smoother.

  1. Dress for the day
    Without the structure of a commute, getting dressed for work—even in something comfy—can help you transition from “home” time to “work” time.

  2. Keep office hours to match your employer’s
    Keep the same office hours you’d keep at work. Follow the same rules of engagement—don’t attend to non-essential personal calls or tasks while working. During personal time, don’t let work creep in.

  3. Make a productivity oasis
    Create a dedicated workspace—even if it’s the kitchen table—during office hours. Eliminate distractions such as dirty dishes or laundry. When the workday ends, shut the door to that room or return the space to “personal” use if necessary, and put your work devices away.

  4. Create a ritual to bookend your workday
    This could be as simple as opening and closing your laptop. Or, you could turn ambient music on/off, light/extinguish a candle, or write a list of tasks each morning and check them off at day’s end.

  5. Have a plan for keeping your school-age kids engaged as you work
    Working from home gets even trickier if you have young kids at home. These tips can help you keep kids educated and entertained during business hours.

  6. Visit the virtual water cooler
    Feeling disconnected without the in-person meetings and spontaneous hallway visits? Reach out to a colleague or two throughout each day. And don’t limit yourself to work talk.

  7. Manage your notifications to minimize distractions
    Use only the beeps, badges, and vibrations that are essential for your work and your life, such as calendar and email alerts.

  8. Play conference call bingo

  9. Take bio breaks
    The better you feel, the better working from home will go. Find ways to stay energized and focused throughout the day, such as: do a ten-minute meditation, take a walk, stretch at your desk, drink lots of water.

  10. Notice what works best for you—and repeat
    These are just some ideas to get you started. The more experience you have working from home, the better you’ll understand which routines and rhythms serve you best. Be flexible and keep experimenting as you make #WFH work for you.

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