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Employer Dental & Eyewear Plans

This is a high-level summary of cost share information and benefits, and is designed primarily to help you compare important features of available plans. For more details on a specific plan, including exclusions and limitations, please refer to the summary of benefits and coverage and the benefit book.

BluePreferred Dental Plans

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With 16 different plan designs, including voluntary options, we can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.


Deductibles Available
$25 - $100
$75 - $200


Benefit Maximum Per Member Per Year
$500 – $2,000


Diagnostic and Preventive
No cost to you for covered diagnostic and preventive services


Basic Restorative
After deductible is met you pay 10%-50%, BCBSAZ pays 50%-90%


Major Restorative
After deductible is met you pay 40%-50%, BCBSAZ pays 50%-40%. (Not covered for plan 1A)

BluePreferred Eyewear

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A medical plan’s benefit for a routine vision exam is a great first step toward total eye health. We offer an affordable way to do more for your employees and add eyewear to their benefit package.


Frames Allowance


Frames Benefit Period
12 months or 24 months


Annual Lens Copay
$10 or $25


Scratch-resistant Polycarbonate Lens for Under Age 19
No cost to you



  • Laser vision correction
  • Additional pairs of glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses


EyeMed Vision Care is an independent company contracted to administer BluePreferred Eyewear benefits.