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When employees get hurt, become sick, or take extended time off for medical reasons, it can create uncertainty around income availability, plus put added stress on employers who care about their employees’ complete well-being. Disability plans from AXA,* a leading financial protection company, provide protection and peace of mind for life’s “what if” moments:

  • Short-term disability insurance from AXA*
  • Long-term disability insurance from AXA*

What’s more, your clients will be supported by a specialty solutions team to help them and their employees with hands-on guidance and added value extras, like rehabilitation and worksite modification, to help everyone get back on track with work, health, and life.

Expert guidance

The specialty solutions team is available to walk your clients and their employees through each step, with hands-on guidance and support.

Flexible disability payments

Employers and employees can rest assured that disability payments can be used for anything from medical expenses to day-to-day costs.

Streamlined communication

By bundling BCBSAZ medical insurance with disability insurance, your clients get one point of contact from enrollment to ongoing benefits management.


AXA disability plans at-a-glance

AXA disability plans at -a-glance

Short-Term Disability

Whether it’s a sudden injury, an illness, or taking time to have a baby, short-term disability benefits can help keep income steady until employees recover.

Long-Term Disability

Starting right where short-term disability leaves off, long-term disability assures employees that they have ongoing financial support for extended recovery periods.

Standard Plans 2-9 Employees
Custom Plans 10+ Employees 

Benefit Feature

Standard Plans 2-9 Employees 
Custom Plans 10+ Employees 
100% Employer Contribution  Voluntary/Non-voluntary  100% Employer Contribution  Voluntary/Non-voluntary 
14 days
14 days (other options available)
Elimination Period
90,180 days

11, 24 weeks
11, 24 weeks (other options available)
Maximum Benefit Duration
SSNRA (restricted industries: 5-year graded)
SSNRA (other options available)
60% (other options available)
Benefit Percentage
60% (other options available)
2-3 employees: $500 weekly 

4-9 employees: $1,000 weekly

$1,500 weekly
Maximum Benefit
2-3 employees: $3,000 monthly 

4-9 employees: $6,000 monthly

$8,000 monthly
Not available
Not available
Employee Assistance Program**
Not available
Available on 10+ employer-funded plans

Limitations and exclusions may apply. Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage.
**Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) work/life services, which are provided by ComPsych®, are not insurance, and the charge is segregated from the insurance cost but included in the total amount billed. AXA is not responsible or liable for care, services, or advice given by any provider or vendor of the services. AXA reserves the right to discontinue any of the services at any time. ComPsych® and Guidance Resources® are registered trademarks and service marks of ComPsych® Corporation. EAP By DesignSM is not a service provided in partnership with ComPsych® Corporation. It is not insurance. Not available in New York. ComPsych® is not affiliated with AXA, and services they provide are separate and apart from the insurance provided by AXA.

Better plans for deeper discounts***

Providing your clients with bundled plans doesn’t just save them time and effort. It also offers deeper discounts for their employees. Talk to your clients about bundling specialty plans with their medical plans today.

***For groups with 51+ employees.

*Group Life and Disability products are provided by AXA. “AXA” is the brand name of AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC and its family of companies, including AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (AXA Equitable) (NY, NY), MONY Life Insurance Company of America (AZ stock company, admin. office: Jersey City, NJ) (MONY America), and AXA Distributors, LLC. All Group Life and Disability insurance products in the State of Arizona are issued by MONY America, which has sole responsibility for its insurance and claims-paying obligations for such products. AXA is independent of BCBSAZ. It does not provide, offer, or sell BCBSAZ products or services and is solely responsible for the products or services it provides. The policy has limitations and exclusions. Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage. Policy Form/Contract ICC15 AXEBP15LI; ICC15 MOEBP15LI; MOEBP15LI; AXEBP15LI and State Variations.