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Choice of networks and health plans with multiple deductible options that give employees and employers control over the type of coverage they need and how much they spend on healthcare services.

Plan options are available for Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), including high-deductible plans with a health savings account (HSA), and a variety of broad and narrow network options.

Plan Options for Groups Size 1 to 50




PPO Plans

- A wide selection of primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists
- No requirements to have a PCP or get referrals before seeing a specialist
- Access to healthcare out-of-state with the BlueCard network when traveling or vacationing
- Out-of-network care covered, but at a higher cost

Statewide PPO (Statewide)

Alliance PPO (Maricopa County)


Banner Health and HonorHealth

HMO Plans

- Primary care provider (PCP) required
- PCP coordinates care with other in-network providers - PCP referrals required for specialist visits (some exceptions apply*)
- Out-of-network services not covered except in emergencies and rare situations when BCBSAZ has pre-authorized it

Statewide HMO (Statewide)

PimaConnect HMO (Pima County)


Tucson Medical Center

All plans include coverage for most in-network preventive care services and kids’ dental check-ups at no out-of-pocket cost to employees.

View 2018 Employer Health Plan Product Guide for details.

View 2018 SBCs for Groups 1-50.

View 2018 Formulary for EverydayHealth plans.

View 2018 Formulary for Portfolio plans.

*These plans are offered to employers defined as "small" under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). "Small" employers are those having an average number of total employees on business days during the previous calendar year of 50 or fewer.