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Individual members with non-grandfathered plans to keep their current coverage through 2014

Nov 27, 2013 07:00 AM

Effective immediately, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona members with individual and family non-grandfathered plans (plans purchased after March 23, 2010) may remain on their current coverage through Dec. 2014. This will occur automatically Dec 31, 2013, extending coverage through December 31, 2014. Members do not need to do anything to stay on their current plans. Our non-grandfathered members will receive letters explaining their options, including information about other Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan choices if they are interested. This decision is in accordance with Arizona law.

All members in grandfathered individual plans (purchased on or before March 23, 2010) may indefinitely renew their plan each year on their annual renewal date. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has always and will continue to be an advocate for our members, working with the state and our local regulators to find a way to better serve our members. This is one example.

“We are confident in this solution for our members, as it allows them to keep their plan through 2014 and it gives them more time to understand the Affordable Care Act. This modification allows our members time to understand how they use their health insurance benefits in order to make the best decision for themselves and their families in the future,” said Rich Boals, president and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

If members choose to move to a new 2014 ACA plan, they must make the change before the national open enrollment period ends on March 31, 2014. If they need assistance to select a new plan or have questions about their new renewal date, they should contact the member concierge team. The number is listed on the back of their member I.D. cards. Health insurance brokers are also a very valuable resource and can help members understand this modification.