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Healthcare Innovation

The ongoing development of innovative healthcare solutions is a vital part of providing the best quality of care for our members. By recognizing and embracing the changing healthcare environment we are continually evolving the structures and tools that allow us to be recognized as a trusted and effective health insurance leader. From technology to healthcare delivery programs, BCBSAZ is forward thinking and adaptable to the changing needs of our members and providers. Here you can learn more about BCBSAZ’s innovative initiatives with the healthcare industry.

  • AskBlue LogoHealthcare and how it works are changing. Whether you are an individual or run a business, AskBlue can help you understand these changes.
  • Transition of Care (TOC) program – BCBSAZ, in partnership with Arizona hospitals, launched the TOC program in January 2011 to lower hospital readmission rates for its members. The program aims to lower hospital readmissions rates by empowering members to fill their prescriptions after being discharged from the hospital and keep follow-up appointments with their physicians. Learn more about TOC